Grounding Design Software

Safe Engineering Services & Technologies ltd. (SES) offers the most powerful grounding analysis software packages in the industry. J Williamson Engineering is a licensed owner of Multi-GroundZ+ software which is part of the CDEGS family of software packages for modeling grounding systems.

For more information on SES, CDEGS or MultigroundZ+ visit the SES website:

Lightning Performance Analysis Software

J Williamson Engineering Inc. utilizes the Sigma family of insulation co-ordination software. There are three modules to this software family which are SLP, SPX and SSH.

For more information visit the Sadovic Consultant website:

Grounding Test Equipment

testing-device J Williamson Engineering Inc uses the AEMC Ground Tester model 6472 with model 6474 vectorial processing unit. This test set includes Rogowski coil sensors to permit the distinct measurement of ground impedance of a single electrode while it is still connected to a multigrounded system. For more information on the AEMC 6472/6474 test sets visit the AEMC website:

Substation Grounding Tests

Substation ground system testing requires specialized test equipment rather than the traditional portable grounding test sets. J Williamson has experience using the new Omicron test model CPC 100 Multifunctional Primary Test System with the CP CU1 coupling unit for Line and Ground Impedance measurement. Current injection is done at 40 and 80 hertz followed by measurements of Step/Touch voltages. Step and Touch voltages are measured with the Omicron Frequency Selective Voltmeter CP AL1.

For more information on the Omicron test equipment visit website: